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What is Work-Relay

Work-Relay for Salesforce empowers organizations to manage projects, automate workflows, and rapidly build end-to-end solutions using a single work management framework – without code, and without Salesforce expertise.

The Work-Relay framework simplifies the design, management, and optimization of operational work. It maximizes worker productivity, increases company-wide visibility, and enables business agility.

One way to frame work

The Work-Relay framework enables organizations to address many work management challenges, especially complex scenarios that would normally require significant coding.

The ability to transform your organization

Work-Relay is a proven system for managing complex operations across a wide range of industries and organization sizes, including Fortune 50 companies.

Work-Relay distills, simplifies, and extends Salesforce platform functionality

Work-Relay enables business analysts and power users to build highly customized, dynamic, enterprise-grade solutions that are standardized and consistent, and always well-designed, flexible, and easy to maintain.


Work-Relay distills the Salesforce functionality you need to build comprehensive work management solutions into a single, all-in-one framework.

This radically reduces the learning curve, and eliminates the need for deep Salesforce expertise and technical knowledge.


To simplify the building of work management solutions, Work-Relay provides everything users need and nothing else. Just 4 components gives you everything you need for even the most complex scenarios:

  • One place to frame and design any kind of work – including processes and projects.
  • One place for users to receive, prioritize, and execute any kind of work.
  • One place to monitor and manage work using data from the Operational System of Record (OSR) which provides a single source of truth, and includes work done, work being done, and work to be done.


Work-Relay builds on Salesforce, offering a robust set of capabilities that extend the value of the platform so you can align global teams and manage dynamic work at scale.


Work-Relay covers the full spectrum of work from structured and automated to unstructured and ad hoc. It supports multiple process and project design topologies, and can accommodate any level of complexity.


What is holding your organization back from moving faster?

Time & cost to build Salesforce solutions

The growing complexity of the Salesforce platform makes  building work management solutions costly and time-consuming. Especially for those on systems like Workfront, Wrike and Smartsheet, who want to move to Salesforce, migration challenges can be prone to cost-overrides and loss of data integrity.

The Work-Relay framework is built specifically for work management on Salesforce. It includes all the core functionality of work management out-the-box, thereby minimizing the need for Salesforce expertise and significantly reducing the time to build custom solutions for complex scenarios.

Complex process orchestration

There is much more to managing complex processes than simply workflow automation. There are, for example, different process topologies to consider, the ability to create end-to-end processes on-the-fly and the ability to handle many-to-many process interdependencies.

Work-Relay is able to handle any type of topology, complex interdependencies, the dynamic creation of end-to-end processes, and the full spectrum of work from structured and automated to unstructured and ad hoc – all without code.

Repetitive, complex project management

Templates are the outdated solution that project management systems recommend for repetitive projects. But templates are static and monolithic, and become bloated, inconsistent, and  error-prone.  Once copied, any changes to the template are not reflected in the project plan.

Work-Relay replaces templates with a modular architecture capable of dynamic reorganization on the fly. This allows self-contained, independently maintained, reusable processes that can be mixed and matched as needed, and at any time.


A lot of critical work management functionality is trapped in spreadsheet application jail where the limitations of spreadsheets hamper speed and agility.

The Work-Relay framework provides an all-in-one solution that contains all the functionality found in typical spreadsheet applications. It includes the ability to manage all spreadsheet data in addition to functions, formulas, actions, and tracking. It is capable of creating a user interface that includes forms, data, and workflow on a single screen – without code.


Legacy BPM systems like IBM BPM and IBM Lombardi, Lotus Notes, Pega Systems, Appian and PMG typically have highly complex processes that have become slow, difficult to use, and inflexible.

Work-Relay has the proven ability to migrate legacy business processes to a modern, elegant, business-friendly environment. . The Work-Relay framework not only accommodates the functionality provided by these legacy systems but also gives users a guided approach to structuring work.

Citizen developer enablement 

Empowering and managing citizen developers effectively on the Salesforce platform is hampered by the learning curve, the lack of standardization, poorly designed and hard to maintain solutions, and applications disconnected from one another.

The Work-Relay framework significantly simplifies the building of citizen developer solutions by eliminating the need for Salesforce expertise and guiding users to ensure that every solution is well-designed, flexible, easy to maintain – and capable of easily connecting with other solutions to build end-to-end work management applications.

Work Relay allowed for hyper customization of processes, provides excellent visual overviews of what’s done, not done, or might be stuck on a single opportunity level and a portfolio level.  No other software provided the level of flexibility that we needed to build a useful project management tool. Rebecca Disbrow, Greenworks Lending

Highly recommend Work-Relay

Work-Relay delivers a very effective Project Management application to facilitate workflows between functional teams. The system is intuitive and easy to follow, with display options in Gantt and flowchart diagrams, which also help facilitate training and onboarding of new business processes. The Work-Relay team is very responsive to all customer requests, supported by a team of skilled business and technical professionals, and providing effective solutions and answers when we need their help.

Carrie French

Uniti Fiber

Highly adaptable workflow management

We launched Work-Relay simultaneously with our Salesforce implementation 10 months ago and haven’t looked back. There’s been numerous benefits of using this tool for the fulfilment of our digital marketing products &

services including:

• supports both simple and complex processes and orchestrations

• ability to incorporate a multitude of features within process steps including actions, rules, checklists, forms, durations and more

• has an easy to learn wysiwyg design console.

Natalie Keane


Centralize all your work management

Work-Relay is a great tool for highly custom solutions. We have implemented all ranges of complexity into our configured processes, and we have experienced fantastic support throughout. The support and responsiveness of the Work-Relay team make their tool completely adaptable to whatever data presentation needs we have. We plan to continue adding more processes on this product until our entire implementation model is supported.

Saxon Bull

CDK Global

Fantastic product, fabulous support, easy to learn

We are a Salesforce partner and have been using the Work-Relay tool with our clients to design and implement anything from a super simple one-step process to extremely complex business processes. The tool itself is very easy to get to understand and with each process you build, you will learn about every new nuance that you can implement.

The process design assists us with being able to automate a large chunk of our clients business processes, including the ability to avoid the need of users having to enter data, thus avoiding any data input issues.

Taryn Murray


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