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Work-Relay is a comprehensive, highly customizable work management system designed for organizations that manage complex, time-sensitive processes and projects.

Companies that install any kind of hardware or software (end-to-end process/project management for installing fiber networks,
solar panel arrays, packaged software), merchant services, complex intermediary approvals, etc.

Companies that have multiple locations that require services and equipment (e.g. A fast food needs to install new equipment in all its stores), franchisee on boarding, etc.

Companies that deliver any kind of service (e.g. multi-level process management for finance, insurance, marketing, clinical trials, education), audit-ability, early warning, complex multi-level approvals etc.

Companies that manufacture custom products and design/produce custom packaging for their products (designer rugs, food packaging, etc.). End-to-end processes typically go from design and production to shipping and warehousing.

Join some of the most forward-thinking 
Fortune 100 companies who use Work-Relay to:


Design, manage and optimize end-to-end workflows across the organization unhindered by the underlying complexities of enterprise systems.


Cut the cost, time, and risk of building applications with building blocks, a unified toolset, and a framework that guarantees well-designed, flexible, and easy to maintain solutions.


Utilize a powerful combination of process and project functionality for managing complex, multi-level repetitive projects like equipment installations and clinical trials.


Migrate legacy Enterprise BPM systems, operational spreadsheets and applications built on other platforms to


Examples that span industries and
organization size:

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