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  • Reduce Development & Coding Costs
  • Improve Visibility
  • Maximize Business Agility
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Sustain your operations in the new world order

Ensure work patterns are clearly defined, timelines are well understood, and the right resources are available when needed.

A unified system provides better results

Whether you’re running clinical trials, installing fiber optics, manufacturing custom products, or creating global marketing campaigns, your teams have a common platform for managing processes, projects, and resources.

Work-Relay seamlessly ties together all parts of your business, removing barriers to the rapid movement of work, and providing visibility over who is doing what when.

Extend your competitive advantage

Build and exploit strong differentiation through solutions tailored to each situation and by transforming your company so that it can capitalize on opportunities, navigate around risks and other challenges, and respond quickly to changes in a dynamic, volatile business environment.

Built for speed


Get work done as efficiently and effectively as possible by seamlessly tying together all parts of your business, simplifying your work management environment, and providing total visibility over who is doing what when.

Leverage the full power of Salesforce

Leverage the full power of Salesforce while shielding users from its underlying complexity. The Work-Relay framework radically reduces the need for coding and deep Salesforce knowledge, and allows total flexibility for designing and running processes and projects.

Power to the people

Empowering employees to operate at their full potential requires a workplace that has freed itself of unnecessary and debilitating boundaries. With Work-Relay, you can inject a measure of structure and control into the everyday interactions between humans to assist them in reaching a common goal.

We’re committed to ensuring your success

From design and implementation to adoption and best practices, our team of work management experts is always available to ensure you always get the best results and the most value from Work-Relay and Salesforce.

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Reduce development backlogs, increase the speed and reduce the cost of delivering Salesforce workflow solutions.

LOB and Process Owners

Increase departmental efficiency without depending on IT or waiting for budget to hire developers.

System Administrators

Increase your value to your organization by expanding your capabilities and satisfying user requests without involving developers.

Business Users

Help build and maintain solutions on Salesforce on your own without a big training investment.

Business Analysts

Reduce the time needed to define requirements by quickly building prototypes, then verifying them through simulation.

Project Managers

Tailor Work-Relay project management functionality to your exact needs, regardless of project complexity.

Project Managers
LOB and Process Owners

Time matters

Time erodes values. The faster you can get to business value, the more successful your company will be.

Step into a world where business processes and projects are easily managed, where data flows exactly as it should, where bottlenecks are identified quickly and where you make better decisions.


The way in which business operations are managed is a fundamental factor in how well an organization can prosper in today’s marketplace.

Accelerate time to

Increase the speed of work transitions by addressing hand-off failure’s, miscommunication, and the lack of critical information needed to make the right decision.


Reduce the complexities and inefficiencies of siloed information and disparate workflows all without sacrificing security and other internal governance policies.

Make everyone’s life

No need to update everyone about progress, never worry about forgetting anything important, and track the progress of work in real-time, on any device.



All the tools you need under one roof, providing the ultimate control over teams, processes, and projects

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