Work-Relay simplifies complex work,

maximizes worker productivity, and

increases company-wide visibility.

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What is Work-Relay

Complex Work management made simple

Get the right work in the right sequence to the right person at the right time.

Recurring Projects

Work-Relay combines features and benefits traditionally associated with business process management platforms with those normally found in project management tools.  

The merger of process automation and project management creates an environment in which organizations can easily model the structure of the work, the resources required to complete it, and the timeframes that constrain it.


Complexity made Simple

  • A consistent, simple way to frame any type of work regardless of the type of work being done.
  • Just 4 components gives you everything you need for even the most complex scenarios:
    • One place to design work
    • One place to execute work
    • One place to manage work
    • A single Operational System of Record to track everything that happens when work is performed

Unconstrained Agility

  • Processes are self-contained, thereby simplifying process maintenance, deployment, and reuse.
  • Process segments are dynamically fused together to provide unique end-to-end solutions custom-tailored to the exact needs of the situation.
  • Process segmentation facilitates variations e.g. differences between regions and products.
  • The ability to make changes on-the-fly and to handle exceptions increases the probability of an optimum outcome every time.

The full Spectrum of Work

  • In the real world, achieving a business objective typically requires work that is structured and unstructured, predictable and unpredictable, temporary and repetitive.
  • Having disparate tools to manage these different types of work introduces an unnecessary level of complexity into the work environment.
  • Work-Relay consolidates and unifies the core functionality needed to manage business operations.

Human Augmentation

  • Each step has a knowledge repository designed to augment the “smarts” of the person responsible for completing a step.
  • Smart steps include all the information and context users need to make the right decisions and take the right actions to successfully complete the step.
  • Users can update the repository on-the-fly, ensuring that it remains fresh at all times.
  • Capture decisions, actions and discussions for each execution of the step.
  • Provide an audit trail and a basis for process improvement.

The ability to transform your organization

Work-Relay is a proven system for managing complex operations across a wide range of industries and organization sizes, including Fortune 50 companies.

Who is Work-Relay for?

Manage the installation of any kind of hardware or software, like fiber networks, solar panel arrays, packaged software.

Manage the delivery of any kind of service, like finance, insurance, marketing, clinical trials, education.

Manage the manufacturing of custom products, like designer rugs, food packaging.

Manage complex, time-sensitive internal processes, like product development, vendor onboarding, auditing.

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