Automate work.  Empower workers.

Achieve Operational Excellence

The Problem

Organizations are plagued by disparate tools, disconnected systems, and dysfunctional processes creating many points of failure that disrupt business operations and slow down the movement of work across the organization.

The Solution

Work-Relay automates the coordination, management, and optimization of time-sensitive, repetitive, and complex processes ensuring the right work gets to the right resource in the right sequence at the right time.

Work-Relay software acquired to strengthen Neostella capabilities across $860 Billion Hyperautomation market.*

*Gartner, Forecast Analysis: Hyperautomation Enablement Software, Worldwide, 2021.


The Fastest Path to Operational Excellence on Salesforce

How to execute your mission-critical business operations better than your competitors.

60 Seconds with Work-Relay

AppExchange’s latest ’60 Seconds With’, Salesforce AppExchange partner Work-Relay answers the question… How can you simplify complex business operations?

Business Process Management (BPM) for Salesforce

Everything you need to dramatically improve the management of complex business operations across any Salesforce Cloud.

What do the analysts say?

Work-Relay eliminates the Surprises, Obstacles, and Barriers that slow  work down.

What do the experts say?

Bring visibility, agility, productivity, and simplicity to the management of complex business operations.

What do the customers say?

Leading fiber optic provider tames increasing installation volume with Work-Relay.

On-Demand Webinar: Streamline, scale, and accelerate your custom processes

Your unique, custom processes are your competitive differentiator.

Jon Sapir, Founder

Kramer Reeves, CEO

Scaling and automating your unique product development, configuration, and internal/external communication processes provides a significant competitive advantage. Join our Founder Jon Sapir and CEO Kramer Reeves for a webinar that explores how three manufacturers have created better process visibility and competitive advantage by streamlining their unique and differentiating processes.

BPM for Salesforce

We bring enterprise-grade BPM to Salesforce Clouds

Work-Relay’s BPM for Salesforce seamlessly overlays your Salesforce implementation to bring you to the next level of operations management.

Work-Relay will help you systemize and scale complex business operations, provide unrivaled flexibility to solve any business operations problem and build an enterprise standard for solution delivery.

Automation is not enough

Go beyond just automation

You need holistic visibility, unimpeded agility, and simplicity if you are going to have a business operations platform that takes your business to the next level and deliver better business outcomes.

Work-Relay delivers this in a single, comprehensive, unified Business Operations platform.

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Simplify complex processes and projects with Work-Relay

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