A Conversation with Perennials and Sutherland

“How We Used Work-Relay to Transform Our Operational Landscape”

Thursday, May 4th at 11AM CST

Kramer Reeves, Executive Vice President, Work-Relay
Cynthia Rhodes, Operations Manager, Perennials and Sutherland

Hear from Kramer Reeves, our Executive Vice President, and Cynthia Rhodes, Operations Manager at Perennials and Sutherland, to learn how Work-Relay helped Perennials bring a 5,000-year-old business operation into the Digital Age, growing their custom rug product line and changing their operational landscape.

The core of business operations lies in the practice of orchestrating an organizations’ unique combination of people, processes and technology. The failure to do this well in the key Order-to-Cash process delays order fulfillment, frustrates customers, disrupts revenue, and leads to lost market share.

On the contrary, when processes run smoothly, key operations become adaptive, efficient and effective. Work-Relay helps organizations eliminate Order-to-Cash inefficiencies by seamlessly connecting people, systems and processes.

We highlight key areas of focus, including how to:

  • Optimize Order Fulfillment and digitize a faltering Order-to-Cash cycle
  • Improve day-to-day operations and customer experience using Work-Relay
  • Use the improved data drawn from these processes to drive future business decisions