Meet the company behind Work-Relay.
Work-Relay is a global software development company. Our clients include large enterprises like Home Depot, Mars Corporation, Proctor & Gamble, and Re/Max, as well as small and mid-size companies across a broad range of industries.

Our goal with Work-Relay was to create a framework that would facilitate the building of Salesforce applications to support complex business operations that are always well-designed, flexible, and easy to maintain. It would require no coding, no formal training, and only a minimal knowledge of Salesforce. This facilitates the continuous delivery of functionality that is needed for organizations to keep up with the rapidly, always changing business environment.

To accomplish this, we took our (literally) hundreds of thousands of hours of experience building Salesforce applications for our clients since 2006, and distilled it into a no-code platform that allows us (or you) to build, maintain, and enhance solutions to complex business operations challenges.

The Work-Relay Team
Jon Sapir
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
35+ years experience founding and running software development companies. Recognized thought leader and author of “Thriving at the Edge of Chaos.”
Ted Evangelakis
Vice President of Customer Success
30+ years building and managing software development teams building products, last 10 years on Salesforce.
Kramer Reeves
Chief Executive Officer
25+ years running enterprise software marketing; 16 years IBM; 10 years CMO/executive roles; 6 acquisitions; built & led 125-person global teams
Roma Bulgakov
Chief Architect
15+ years architecting complex custom Salesforce applications.

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