Become A Work-Relay Partner

Work-Relay is the perfect product for Salesforce Partners looking to expand their practice and increase revenue.

Your Challenges

Common challenges faced by Salesforce Partners include:

  • How do we make more money without having to continually hire more people?
  • How can we differentiate ourselves from other Salesforce Partners and other products?
  • How can we help justify the cost of Salesforce?
  • How can we increase customer satisfaction by delivering faster and at a lower cost?
  • How do we expand our footprint into other areas of our customer’s organizations?

Our Solutions

Work-Relay can help you with all these challenges:

1. Make more money:
a. Generate license revenue. A 25% Referral Fee for Work-Relay licenses and the chance to sell more Salesforce Platform and Community licenses.
b. Scale your resource capacity. Use business analysts to do the work that would normally be done by developers, and make developers much more productive.

2. A competitive weapon. Be able to compete in many instances against Pega, Nintex, Oracle, etc., as well as having a differentiator when competing with other Salesforce Partners.

3. Help justify Salesforce costs. Work-Relay will allow organizations to leverage the Salesforce platform to streamline, manage, and optimize everyday business operations faster, better, and at low cost.

4. Increase customer satisfaction.
a. Accelerate your customer’s ROI. Workflow applications can be built and activated extremely quickly in Work-Relay.
b. Provide simple tools that allow their business users to maintain things like rules and forms on their own without code, formal training, or deep knowledge of Salesforce.

Provide new entry points into an organization. Work-Relay is suitable for automating any part of the organization, and for running repetitive projects effectively.

How to get started

Work-Relay will provide you with everything you need:

  • Case studies, including Fortune 100 companies
  • Training
  • Implementation and customization assistance
  • Support

About Us

Work-Relay was developed by SilverTree Systems, a global software development company. Our clients include large enterprises like Adobe, Docusign, Home Depot, Mars Corporation, and Re/Max, as well as small and mid-size companies across a broad range of industries.

The Work-Relay platform is the result of (literally) hundreds of thousands of hours we have spent building custom Salesforce applications since 2006. We have identified the common functionality that typical business applications built on Salesforce need, and put them in a unified platform that provides an advanced starting point for building custom Salesforce applications.

The primary benefits of using Work-Relay include:

  1. A much faster way to build Salesforce applications through access to the deep experience of the Work-Relay team and the ready-to-go, well-proven building blocks of the Work-Relay platform.
  2. A faster and less costly way to maintain the resulting applications. For most applications, developing them is just the start. It’s the modifying, enhancing, and maintaining that becomes time-consuming and costly over time. To alleviate this, business users have access to simple tools to do things on their own, like modifying business rules, forms, Kanban Boards, etc. They can do this without code, without formal training, and with only a minimal amount of Salesforce experience.
  3. An immediate return on investment. Because so much of your solution is ready-to-go based on the Work-Relay building blocks, you can gain immediate benefits by implementing a minimal viable application very quickly.