Work-Relay eliminates the SOBs (Surprises, Obstacles, and Barriers) that slow your organization down

Thoughts about no/low-code, change, and business process optimization

Hurdles and challenges of business transformation

By Jon Sapir

Digital transformation and business process re-engineering is hard work that impacts the entire organization at every level.  

For as long as there has been a need for business process re-engineering, there have been Surprises, Obstacles, and Barriers – literally the SOBs that create havoc in your business operations. From a shortage of trained developers to the institutional inability to think about change differently, to that surprise approval step that wasn’t explicit or documented, these challenges aren’t going away any time soon.

The developer shortage isn’t making things easier but – fortunately – it is driving more investment in modern SaaS no-code/low-code tools. These tools give business analysts and operations managers who intimately understand the operational processes the power to fix and improve them immediately – and end the reliance on IT. 

In this article from research firm IDC, analyst Neil Ward-Dutton explains how effective business operations – which execute the processes that are core to achieving an organization’s business objectives, such as the production and delivery of goods or services – depend on the ability to coordinate people and systems to get the right work done at the right time.

When organizations attempt to manage this work by emailing, using spreadsheets as applications, or relying on silos of point solutions – they create risks that are difficult to understand, and impossible to manage. Adding more workarounds and silos creates additional long-term operational and technical debt – a real SOB and enterprise productivity killer.

Change is hard so it makes sense that any transformation project start with an immediate path to ROI. In our experience, the fastest ROI is streamlining processes that impact the customer such as service delivery and order fulfillment. 

That’s where Work-Relay fits. By operationalizing customer data in Salesforce, Work-Relay extends the power of Salesforce beyond CRM into business operations re-engineering and management, thereby maximizing your investment in Salesforce and improving the processes that impact customers such as onboarding, deployments, installations, and other order fulfillment operations. 

Work-Relay is a native Salesforce application that seamlessly overlays your CRM, simplifying the design, management, and optimization of complex operational work to maximize worker productivity, increase company-wide visibility and enable business agility. As a no/low-code application, Work-Relay is a “must-have” for Business Operations leaders seeking rapid operational improvements.

​A recent report by analyst Carl Lehmann from 451 RESEARCH reinforces the urgent operational requirement for companies to consider Work-Relay: 

Carl Lehmann - 451 Analyst“It’s interesting to realize that despite all of the recent technological developments to enable business process automation, IT process automation, and workforce task and activity automation, few of the vendors in these markets actually build in project management capabilities to manage automation initiatives as projects. Most such efforts, when pursued with formal IT discipline, deploy other software development project management tools. Work-Relay isn’t the first to allow process developers and business analysts to collaborate on automation initiatives, but it is pioneering the tooling needed for a more formal project management approach to process automation initiatives, and to automate more unconventional and complex process-oriented projects such as for product installations and services delivery.”

Work-Relay helps you eliminate the SOBs from your business operations. It helps you address the shortage of trained developers and think about change differently. Instead of relying on point solutions and broken email-centric approval processes, with Work-Relay, you can model the structure and sequence of work, the resources for completion, and the timeframe required to complete the work to ensure processes run efficiently and minimize disruptions. 

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