Custom workflow applications and business solutions. Work-Relay is the fastest and least expensive way to build custom workflow applications for There are three different pricing models to quickly build your custom workflow application.

We or one of our Salesforce partners use the Work-Relay platform to quickly build solutions based on your specifications, and provide all the support you need moving forward.

This is the fastest, lowest risk way to get solutions built on Salesforce for organizations that don’t have the resources or budget to build solutions themselves.

With Work-Relay, expect to pay at least 70% less for a custom application when compared to working with Salesforce developers.

This option is for organizations that have the resources available to learn to use the platform to build any number of solutions at minimal cost.

In order to build workflow applications with Work-Relay, we recommend you use a business analyst (no coding skills required) but a solid understanding of Salesforce. Power users or System Administrators with a basic understanding of databases and workflows are also potential candidates.

We teach your resources to use the Work-Relay platform to build your own solutions. We provide full support for you every step of the way.

This eliminates the cost of hiring expensive Salesforce consultants and developers, and the Work-Relay framework ensures the solutions built are well-designed, flexible, and easy to maintain.

We use the Work-Relay platform to seed solutions, teach you how to evolve them yourself, and have us provide guidance and support to ensure the most optimum result.

This is the perfect option for companies that want a quick start but want to use their own resources to build any number of solutions later.

When we build together, expect to pay at least 40% less for the initial custom Salesforce application when compared to working with Salesforce developers.

After your first build, your cost for subsequent applications and workflows will continue to drop as you build internal capabilities.

When is Work-Relay a good fit?

  1. You need an application to make your employees more productive in completing their work.
  2. You need applications that will accelerate the speed at which work moves across your organization.
  3. You need an application to manage highly complex business processes.
  4. You need to migrate from:
    • Legacy BPM systems (IBM Lombardy, Lotus Notes, etc.)
    • Non-Salesforce platforms (Workfront, Smartsheet, Quickbase, K2, Pega, Appian, etc.).
    • Operational spreadsheets.
  5. You need to manage repetitive (process-driven) projects.

Work-Relay is not a good fit if…

  1. You have millions of records that need to be processed.
  2. You need an ecommerce, billing, or accounting application.
  3. You need a consumer facing (as opposed to an internal/operational) user interface.

Get a quick ballpark estimate

No cost. Explain your requirements, we’ll provide a ballpark estimate on how it should be built, what to watch for, and what the cost should be. Don’t go into new application development blindly – it could cost you significant time and money. Based on our many years of experience, we’ll help shine a light on the challenges you are likely to face, and the amount of time and money the project is likely to cost you – with or without Work-Relay.