Eliminate Sales Process Complexity Across Locations During a Period of Rapid Acquisition

Standardize Diverse Site-Level Sales Operations Process Across Numerous Factories with Salesforce

Effectively managing mergers and acquisitions is challenging, but when handled well, they can provide organizations with transformative opportunities.  

Avoiding Sales Process Disruptions Enables Scalable Growth

Integrating acquired sales operations processes into any new parent company presents many challenges. In fact, it is critical to seamlessly integrate disparate processes, accounts, and new products to deliver and meet customer expectations and uninterrupted workflow and business as usual.

Aside from introducing new points of potential process failure, acquisitions also tend to generate anxiety inside and outside of the company. It is important to keep employees  connected, efficient, productive, AND maintain their existing customer relationships to ensure acquisition success.

“In 2014, we had adopted Salesforce to create a unified CRM solution across our sales organization,” commented Julien De Matteis, Manager, CRM Service, TC Transcontinental Packaging. “However, as our acquisition activity began to accelerate, we identified the need to avoid disruption to the sales and pricing teams by providing a unified quotation process while allowing the acquired plants to maintain quotation processes that have been working for them.”

Savvy companies fully recognize that acquisitions offer the opportunity to construct a robust and strategic portfolio of capabilities—and that the additions become way MORE than the sum of the parts.


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