Enterprise Work Management and Why It Matters

Covid-19 accelerates the move to Enterprise Work Management

Managing repetitive projects in Salesforce.com

The impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 has thrown into sharp relief dysfunctional business processes that have been obscured by “muddling through” in ways that no longer work when process and project participants are distributed and remote.

The escalation of the virtualization of the workforce – where employees can work from anywhere – and the virtualization of work – where work may be done by anyone, inside or outside of the organization – significantly increases the everyday problems all organizations experience: things falling through the cracks, lag time between tasks, and the lack of visibility over who is doing what when.

Now, with most of the workforce remote, companies need to reconsider how they manage their business operations so that work can move more rapidly through the organization regardless of where people or systems reside.

The eBook

In this eBook, we’ll give you an in-depth definition of work management, including how it differs from process and project management. Then we’ll look at some of the common problems related to managing and orchestrating work—and how work management can solve them. Finally, we’ll cover the core features to look for when selecting a work management platform for your team.