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    Microsoft Teams integration for Notifications
    7 months agoreviewed0
    Add option to use Microsoft Teams as an alternative to Chatter for Work-Relay task notifications.
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    Global Checklists
    7 months agoreviewed0
    Create checklists outside of processes so they can be maintained outside processes and can be used in any process. Include an option to change the Checklist in a process, in which case it becomes uni... Read more...
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    Option to keep history on Restart Workflow or Restart Branch
    7 months agocompleted0
    If a process instance or branch has been completed, and there is a need to use "Change Step" to return to a step, important history can be maintained by enabling this feature, similar to the same func... Read more...
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    Buffer Management
    7 months agoreviewed0
    1. Enter a % buffer for a process. 2. Use that percentage to extract time from step estimates. 3. Put that time into a process buffer. 4. Create a Schedule Risk Indicator chart. 5. Create a fever cha... Read more...
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    Global Form Action
    4 months agoopen1
    It would be a great functionality if developer can define a Form Action like update Form field etc globally so that developer doesn't need to define the same form action repeatedly in multiple form.
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    Option to skip a step
    6 months agoreviewed1
    It is possible to skip a step using formulas etc., but it would be great to be able to add a button to let the user skip the step with an explanation given by the user. This button could also be vi... Read more...
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    Deployment Automation
    5 months agoreviewed1
    Is it possible to automate deployments
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    Visualize process paths and statistics
    5 months agoreviewed0
    The goal would be to show the combined history instances for the entire process in this way to give stats on how many times it went down one path versus another, where there is a bottleneck (ie where ... Read more...
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