USE CASE: Service Provisioning

Global CRO

Objective: Increase the efficiency of clinical trial execution. Advance the company ahead of industry peers through improved on-time project completion rate. Deliver data-driven insights to support company interactions with investigators and regulators and take targeted actions. Get complete, real-time visibility over all projects in one place for planning and management, significantly increase productivity, and reduce time to business value.


Cross-functional team had multiple, non-integrated process and data tracking methods.

There was no common mechanism to ensure that the business processes and systems were accurately and efficiently capturing the data to meet the requirements of the legislation.

Needed to enforce standard workflows, streamline its processes, manage exceptions and enforce compliance.

Highly manual processes to share oversight findings with personnel running the clinical trial.

Limited options to move to the world of centralized and risk-based oversight.

Existing system design did not align to increased, centralized and remote oversight business requirements.

Existing platform did not integrate easily with other data sources.

Existing solution could not deliver the expected web capabilities and platform support desired now, and into the future.

Analytics did not exist to identify areas where centralized oversight can substitute for onsite visits.

Solution & Results

A common process layer that sits above the siloed systems. Facilitates the capture, management, audit and report spend activities in compliance with company, state and federal regulations. Provides transparency across multiple business units, minimizing risk and supporting compliance initiatives.
Uses a single tool that combines process design and project management, thereby simplifying the work environment and facilitating rapid process changes to ongoing projects. Manages multi-level processes at country and site level, rolled up into a single dashboard and Gantt chart. Uses Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) to deal more effectively with task dependencies, limited resource availability, buffers and bottlenecks. Early Warning System tells management when (and when not) to pay attention to projects. Cross-project planning dashboard provides all project data in a single view, with filtering to analyze the data as needed. Track planned, revised and actual dates for each step in a process. Provide complete visibility of projects over time in a dynamic Gantt view. Facilitate just-in-time resource assignment. Track all decisions made and information collected over the course of a project in one place. Real-time process modification.

Design processes.

Provided the ability to design processes and then manage them as processes.

Cycle time reduction.

Reduced cycle time with automated notifications, reminders and escalations.

Eliminate errors.

Eliminated errors and enforce policies through rules.

Identified bottlenecks.

Identified bottlenecks.


Facilitate planning.

Facilitated planning and allocation of resources.


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