USE CASE: Service Provisioning / Mass Customization

Greenworks Lending

Objective: Create a platform that guides internal staff through the project management of Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) loan applications from lead through closing, instructing users on next steps and ensuring compliance with internal, funder, and program requirements.


C-PACE has enormous complexity, with rules and processes that vary by local taxing entity. C-PACE loans cover $100k solar installations to $100MM development projects and cover all geographies and property sectors.

Therefore the loan diligence process is complex and dynamic and users are often confused on what to do next, or what is still outstanding.

Solution & Results

Work Relay allows for hyper customization of processes,linking loan origination steps in a chronological order that clearly tells users what they need to do next to advance the deal. Work Relay provides excellent visual overviews of what’s done, not done, or might be stuck on a single opportunity level and a portfolio level. The Gantt Chart capabilities allow for managers to see when user projected close dates are likely to be unrealistic, improving predictive capabilities around sales and helping to focus users on the most critical deals.

Eliminate errors.

Perform plausibility checks when entering data so that errors and queries can be avoided from the beginning.


Auto database updates, issue creation, and web service invocation increases efficiency and improves accuracy.

Reduce miscommunication.

Keep track of accurate information, make it always available, and make changes immediately visible.

Increase efficiency.

This includes providing intelligent processes that guide users through required activities, delivering just-in-time knowledge to ensure the most optimum outcome, updating knowledge in the course of doing work, and capturing feedback where it happens.


Save time.

Eliminate status meetings and calls by providing real-time process/project status. Reduce lag time through automated notifications, reminders, and escalations rules, reminders, and checklists.

Optimize operations.

Easily configure real-time reporting on key operational risk metrics, including timeliness, volumes and trending. Ensure thresholds like Service Level Agreements are monitored and reported on.


Simplify complex processes and projects with Work-Relay

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Work-Relay Solutions

Streamline Business Operations

Manage business operations with agility.

Overcome Spreadsheet Limitations

Move complex operational spreadsheets to Salesforce.

Migrate Legacy BPM

Migrate legacy BPM systems to Salesforce.

Control Citizen Development

Decrease the learning curve and increase governance.

Maintain Process Discipline

Bring business process discipline to project management.

Manage Complex Processes

Enhance your ability to manage operational complexity.

Unify Work Management

Replace company work management systems.