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How Work-Relay helps

Increase visibility.

Bring together people from different teams and functions along with process data from different sources so everyone has a single, central, real-time view of process/project health.

Eliminate Errors.

Ensure process consistency, eliminate errors and problems due to lost or mishandled requests, guarantee that the same process is followed for each request.

Enforce policies and procedures.

Enforce due diligence best practices, regulatory requirements, and internal policies across geographies and lines of business.

Increase accountability.

Drive accountability across end-to-end processes with transparency and customized reporting.

Reduce miscommunication.

Keep track of accurate information, making it always available, and making changes immediately visible

Work-Relay provides a unified, consistent solution that simplifies your environment and bridges people and systems.

  • Unified monitoring, measurement, control, and reporting increases visibility.

  • Unified resource management simplifies planning.

  • Unified communication and collaboration medium reduces miscommunication.

  • Unified framework provides consistency.

  • Unified database and content repository eliminate duplicate information.

  • Unified administration reduces duplicated administration, licensing, and training costs.

Case Study

Clinical Trials

The company:

  • Organization runs clinical trials on behalf of pharmaceutical companies for government drug approvals across the country.​
  • There are hundreds of concurrent projects, each containing thousands of steps, multiple levels of sub-processes, and includes both internal and external entities.
  • The company was using IBM Blueworks for process design and MS Project for project management.


  • Increase the efficiency of clinical trial execution.​
  • Advance the company ahead of industry peers through improved on-time project completion rate.​
  • Deliver data-driven insights to support company interactions with investigators and regulators and take targeted actions
  • Get complete, real-time visibility over all projects in one place for planning and management, significantly increase productivity, and reduce time to business value.

Key Work-Relay Enabling Functionality

  • Simple design tool aimed at business users for building complex processes.
  • Management of processes as projects using the same data.
  • Dynamic hierarchical processes, built in-flight as needed.
  • Real-time process modification.
  • Multi-project Gantt.
  • Multi-project resource planning tool.
  • Real-time process progress dashboard


  • Use a single tool that combines process design and project management, thereby simplifying the work environment and facilitating rapid process changes to ongoing projects.

  • Manage multi-level processes at country and site level, rolled up into a single dashboard and Gantt chart.

  • Use Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) to deal more effectively with task dependencies, limited resource availability, buffers and bottlenecks.

  • Early Warning System tells management when (and when not) to pay attention to projects.

  • Cross-project planning dashboard provides all project data in a single view, with filtering to analyze the data as needed.

  • Reduce cycle time with automated notifications, reminders and escalations.

  • Eliminate errors and enforce policies through rules.

  • Provide complete visibility of projects over time in a dynamic Gantt view.

  • Facilitate just-in-time resource assignment.

  • Track all decisions made and information collected over the course of a project in one place

Case Study

Emergency room process management


Improve the efficiency of managing patients as they move through admission through release.


Once a patient has been admitted, there are many different paths their stay in the emergency can take. The paths taken are based on decisions taken along the way, and require the appropriate staff to be available when needed. All of this was managed using spreadsheets and emails.

Work-Relay Enabling Functionality

  • Simple design tool aimed at business users for building complex processes.
  • Ad hoc, building block process building.
  • Automatic configuration of processes based on prevailing conditions.
  • Real-time process modification to handle exceptions.
  • Multi-project resource planning tool.
  • Real-time process progress dashboard.
  • Skills for process step mapping.
  • Forms for dynamic data entry.
  • Smart Steps to improve decision making and increase efficiency.
  • Ability to collaborate in the context of a process step.


  • Processes are dynamically linked together based on prevailing conditions and decisions taken.
  • Processes are changeable on-the-fly
  • Resource skills and competencies are maintained, allowing the system to match skills and competencies to processes on-the-fly, based on needs and availability.
  • Real-time dashboards enable users to quickly see process status at a glance.
  • Notifications, reminders and escalations provide resources with a heads-up when they are going to be receiving a notification to execute a process step.
  • The system keeps a single repository of information related to the patient.
  • Users can communicate quickly over Chatter.

Case Study

Healthcare Professional Regulations


Global bio-pharmaceutical organization’s cross-functional team had multiple, non-integrated process and data tracking methods. There was no common mechanism to ensure that the business processes and systems were accurately and efficiently capturing the data to meet the requirements of the legislation. The customer wanted a solution to enforce standard workflows, streamline its processes, manage exceptions and enforce compliance


Work-Relay provides a common process layer that sits above the siloed systems, thereby facilitating the capture, management, audit and report spend activities in compliance with company, state and federal regulations. The solution provides transparency across multiple business units, minimizing risk and supporting compliance initiatives.


All trials are trials, but each one is executed differently

That’s where the use of a product like Work Relay becomes valuable. Work-Relay facilitates consistency, where consistency applies, and flexibility, where flexibility is needed. Another key benefit relates to early warning of potential problems.

When you’re managing hundreds of trials, you can’t look at each one individually to focus on the ones that are in trouble. Work-Relay gives you the means to determine where management focus should be applied.

Lastly, the marriage of process automation and project management is a unique aspect of the Work Relay solution – the ability to manage the project within the context of managing a process. This eliminated for us the need to use two separate tools – one for process design and one for project management.