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Work-Relay is a comprehensive, highly customizable work management system designed for organizations that manage complex, time-sensitive processes and projects.

Companies that install any kind of hardware or software (end-to-end process/project management for installing fiber networks,
solar panel arrays, packaged software), merchant services, complex intermediary approvals, etc.

Companies that have multiple locations that require services and equipment (e.g. A fast food needs to install new equipment in all its stores), franchisee on boarding, etc.

Companies that deliver any kind of service (e.g. multi-level process management for finance, insurance, marketing, clinical trials, education), audit-ability, early warning, complex multi-level approvals etc.

Companies that manufacture custom products and design/produce custom packaging for their products (designer rugs, food packaging, etc.). End-to-end processes typically go from design and production to shipping and warehousing.

Join some of the most forward-thinking
Fortune 100 companies who use Work-Relay to:


Design, manage and optimize end-to-end workflows across the organization unhindered by the underlying complexities of enterprise systems.


Cut the cost, time, and risk of building applications with building blocks, a unified toolset, and a framework that guarantees well-designed, flexible, and easy to maintain solutions.


Utilize a powerful combination of process and project functionality for managing complex, multi-level repetitive projects like equipment installations and clinical trials.


Migrate legacy Enterprise BPM systems, operational spreadsheets and custom applications built on other platforms to Salesforce.

What does Work-Relay provide?

  • A common workspace

    A common Enterprise Workspace for building and executing solutions unhindered by the underlying complexities of enterprise systems, isolated silos, and disconnected tools.

  • Unlimited Flexibility

    A modular, service-oriented architecture where units of work are designed as services that can be mixed, matched, and orchestrated as needed, thereby providing unlimited flexibility.

  • Rapid Solution Development

    A unified set of tools, building blocks, and a consistent way to frame work, regardless of the type of work being done, ensures solutions are always well-designed, standardized, and easy to maintain.

How do we get solutions built?

We Build It for You You Build It Yourself We Build It Together
We use the Work-Relay platform to quickly build solutions based on your specifications, and provide all the support you need moving forward. This is the fastest, least costly, lowest risk option to get solutions quickly built and deployed on Salesforce. We teach your resources how to use the platform and provide full support they need to be successful with it. This option is for organizations that have the resources available to learn to use the Work-Relay platform to build any number of solutions at minimal cost. We or your Salesforce Partner use the Work-Relay platform to seed solutions, teach you how to evolve them yourself, and have us provide guidance and support to ensure the most optimum result. This is the perfect option for companies that want a quick start but want to use their own resources to build any number of solutions later.
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