Work-Relay has customers that span 11 industries over 4 continents.
Uniti Fiber
Manages the installation of multiple fiber products sold to a customer and calculates the critical dates based on dependencies between orders, work orders, permits and locations.
Industrial & Energy
Babcock & Wilcox (B&W)
Tracks the application process for Third Party Intermediaries. This requires tracking 10 to 20 documents per applicant as well as all data relating to those documents. Once the data is input, a lengthy approval process takes place, with up to 15 approvers potentially requiring sign off.
Provides visibility into the end-to-end creation of all data attributes that make up the digital representation of integrations for New Product Development processes.
Converted an operational project tracking spreadsheet into a process driven application to track both process and project metrics as users update data and complete milestones.
Created processes to manage custom packaging solutions for each client from an array of choices. This replaced the use of project templates which had to be copied and customized for each unique order. This was a time-consuming, error-prone way to accomplish the goal.
Home Depot
Implemented processes to manage vendor SKUs, options, process changes, catalog maintenance, etc.
Financial Services
Built a series of linked processes around an emigrant’s account. The processes are used to automate the creation of cases, and to manage aspects of emigration related to Banking, Fee Settlement, FICA, Forex, Investment, Insurance Policies, and Tax.
Created fulfillment processes that are triggered automatically upon the addition of digital products to an Opportunity. Cross dependencies in multiple products are handled via constraints so that one product’s fulfillment is dependent upon another product’s fulfillment.
Monash University
Streamlined the university admissions and grant approval processes, and automated where possible to reduce human error.
Business Services
CDK Global
Developed processes for different products, with one process often launching a number of related processes based on the customer order. Many of the processes have steps that are tied to calculated due dates. The system allows managers to keep close track of their implementations using a Gantt view and via Progress Scorecard.

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