Protect your brand and increase profitability by streamlining your go-to-market process.

Creative Workflow Management for Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG brands are facing increasing volume, velocity, and variety of marketing assets demanded.

Companies that sell consumer packaged goods (CPG) have to constantly develop new products and get them into the hands of consumers at a regular rate. These products include non-durable goods such as food, toiletries, and other consumables. Because CPGs have generally short lifespans, that means the cycle of ideation to production is quick and involves people from a variety of roles all moving quickly together.

Turn Projects Around Faster

Whether it’s seasonal promotional materials, Point of Sale collateral, or consumer packaging and label copy and artwork, speed up time-to-market to start generating and boost revenue today.

  • Custom intake forms get the creative team everything they need to kick off a project on the first submission.
  • Streamlined, efficient project management speeds up projects to avoid delays and confusion from inefficiency.
  • Online Review and Approval allows reviewers to submit feedback quickly and easily.

Improve the Brand Experience

Protect your brand by ensuring consistency and accuracy on all published content, from the copy on labels to the correct brand artwork.

  • Customized intake forms enable the creative team to make sure they have all the needed brand materials to complete a project.
  • Unlimited reviewers ensure that the right people approve copy and brand artwork before it goes live to avoid costly errors.
  • Easily ensure any regulatory or legal packaging compliance requirements with required approval steps.

Reduce Costly Errors

Move at the speed the market demands, while still mitigating the risk of packaging or promotional errors.

  • Set up proof routing templates to make sure every piece is approved by the correct person and verified for compliance.
  • Version control and audit trails of feedback and sign-offs increase accountability and reduce the likelihood of errors.
  • Track the status of all proofs to see returned feedback or reviews still pending.

Kick Off Projects Right the First Time

Jumpstart new projects with an accessible request intake portal and customizable templates.

  • Intuitive Creative Workflow
  • One easy hub for managing projects across your team makes it easy to stay updated on tasks, timelines, resources, and more.
  • Access project priority, statuses, and schedules in one central dashboard
  • Get better visibility into your assigned work with personalized project workspaces
  • Easily balance workloads, manage tasks, and bulk shift deadlines

Take the Hassle Out of Routing Content for Review

End the chase for approvals with creative workflow management software for proofing

  • Customize routing workflows to get design proofs to the right reviewers in the right order
  • Increase accountability with version control and audit trails of feedback and sign-offs
  • Track the status of all proofs to see returned feedback or reviews still pending

Agility is Key

As big brands navigate the shift in growth models from market saturation to an entirely different kind of immersive approach in the digital age, agility is a necessity. Yet that’s one of the biggest stumbling blocks faced by big brands.

Internal processes can – and do – hold back your ability to scale.

The way your teams communicate, collaborate, and execute determines how agile your enterprise will be. If they depend on tools designed in the past for use in the past (and by past we literally mean yesterday), that agility is going to be limited.

Outdated Workflow Management Systems Hamper Agility

Most legacy workflow management tools were designed strictly as organizational tools without the capacity for collaboration, real-time communication, or visibility across teams. What’s more, integration with other technologies is piecemeal or outright impossible. Bolt-on solutions only go so far in adding flexibility to tools that are built to stay rigid, adding complexity to an already unwieldy set of processes. Changes, no matter how small, mean calling in the IT department.

A Better (and Modern) Approach to Workflow Management

Modern workflow management tools should be built on platforms that are flexible and infinitely scalable. Automation and AI/machine learning should add adaptability, speed, and accuracy to every process. This enables fast, intuitive searching and organization, visibility across all silos – while tagging new versions of assets automatically and automating the tedium of merging and purging duplicates.

Each user should see only the information that’s relevant to them. Data should be organized in different ways for different needs; users should be able to search for exactly what they need, and find it quickly. The ideal workflow tools should be where teams can start, collaborate, and complete projects. In a word: agile


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