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Streamlining processes at colleges and universities is critical to success both for students and faculty/staff.

  • Academic calendar drives multiple processes throughout the year, with particularly heavy workloads during the admissions process and at the beginning of the school year
  • Many workers are students on work-study and turn over frequently, so the processes need to embed the knowledge required to perform the work in the task assignments rather than depending on the institutional knowledge of the worker.
  • Integrations with other systems need to be seamless and invisible to the task owner so they worry only about the task at hand while the hand offs to other systems happens behind the scenes as they finish their tasks.

Admissions Use Case

Colleges and universities need to streamline the admissions process and automate where possible to reduce human error. The application assessment process is typically labor intensive, manual, and pressure filled. It takes too long to keep up with the number of applicants that need to be processed. Since many of the component parts of the process are composed of repeatable workflows, a work management tool that can set up these building block processes and distribute the work intelligently to admissions agents would significantly streamline the admissions process.

Work-Relay can be used to build the application processes and sub-processes and distribute work to agents using a Kanban dashboard which can present multiple filtered views of work as well as allow agents to prioritize their work. Forms are an integral part of the workflow where agents can fill in context sensitive data at each step of the process. Automation can be added where applicable in the process (updating data records in the background, sending data to external systems, etc) based on agent actions.

Other Use Cases

  • Employee Performance Appraisal Management
  • Research Grant approval process where faculty can request funds for research that goes through multiple levels of review and approval.
  • New Course Addition Process
  • New Hire Onboarding

Work-Relay is a versatile process modeling tool that will handle these use cases and more for colleges and universities using a simple set of process design elements, forms and actions.


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