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How Work-Relay Helps

Increase visibility.

Bring together people from different teams and functions along with process data from different sources so everyone has a single, central, real-time view of process/project health.

Increase agility.

Enable business processes to be quickly and efficiently modified to accommodate changing competitive, market and/or compliance conditions. In-flight process modifications accelerate response to change by dynamically rerouting processes in real-time.

Free-up time.

By eliminating unnecessary time-wasters like status meetings, follow up calls, back-and-forth emails, etc., workers are freed up to do productive activities, add value and interact more with their coworkers and customers.

Customized solutions.

Build solutions tailored to the exact needs of the organization, thereby improving customer loyalty by making the client feel you care specifically about their unique needs.

Work-Relay provides a unified, consistent solution that simplifies your environment and bridges people and systems.

Unified monitoring, measurement, control, and reporting increases visibility.

Unified resource management simplifies planning.

Unified communication and collaboration medium reduces miscommunication.

Unified framework provides consistency.

Unified database and content repository eliminate duplicate information.

Unified administration reduces duplicated administration, licensing, and training costs.

“Before we were introduced to Work-Relay we tracked and managed our third-party agent due diligence program manually using email and spreadsheets. Thankfully, those days are gone! Work-Relay now handles all of the managing and tracking for us which has allowed us to focus our resources on other aspects of the business. For us, adaptability and flexibility were important as our due diligence program is complex and Work-Relay was the perfect solution.”


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