Optimize operations and increase customer satisfaction.

How Work-Relay Helps

Increase visibility.

Bring together people from different teams and functions along with process data from different sources so everyone has a single, central, real-time view of process/project health.

Increase efficiency.

Streamline operational processes, shorten cycle times, increase production rates, and increase responsiveness to market needs.

Enforce policies and procedures.

Enforce due diligence best practices, regulatory requirements, and internal policies across geographies and lines of business.

Improve work transitions.

Prevent things from falling through the cracks by improving the visibility of commitments and by automating the notification of missed deadlines.

Work-Relay provides a unified, consistent solution that simplifies your environment and bridges people and systems.

Unified monitoring, measurement, control, and reporting increases visibility.

Unified resource management simplifies planning.

Unified communication and collaboration medium reduces miscommunication.

Unified framework provides consistency.

Unified database and content repository eliminate duplicate information.

Unified administration reduces duplicated administration, licensing, and training costs.

“Without Work-Relay, it would have required an additional 3 or 4 people to manage this project.

In addition, were able to complete the project months ahead of schedule by significantly reducing wait times between process steps and providing heads-up notifications to project participants, both internal and external.”


Simplify complex processes and projects with Work-Relay

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