Is it a project or a process?  

The Work-Relay guide to selecting a project management system for

How to Select Project Management (is it a project or a process?)

Take project management (and to the next level with the digitization of operational processes (as projects)

It’s interesting to realize that despite all of the recent technological developments to enable business process automation, IT process automation, and workforce task and activity automation, few companies build project management capabilities to manage processes as as projects.

If you use and are evaluating order fulfillment or process management alternatives, you understand the need. Standard Salesforce Processes, Workflow Rules, and Visual Flow tools won’t help you build conditional triggers, complex decision trees, and multi-step approval routing.

Work-Relay isn’t the first to allow process developers and business analysts to collaborate on automation initiatives, but it is pioneering the tooling needed for a more formal project management approach to process automation initiatives, and to automate more unconventional and complex process-oriented projects such as for product installations and services delivery.

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Work-Relay seamlessly overlays your Salesforce implementation, simplifying the design, management, and optimization of complex operational work to maximize worker productivity, increase company-wide visibility and enable business agility. Work-Relay is the only system for digitizing, managing and optimizing highly customizable process-driven projects and decision-intensive processes in one unified application. Work-Relay clients include large enterprises like The Home Depot, Mars Corporation, and Proctor & Gamble, as well as small and mid-size companies across 12 industries. Typical use cases include installing fiber optics, managing clinical trials, coordinating custom manufacturing, and managing product design.