Managing repetitive projects in Salesforce.com

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Managing repetitive projects in Salesforce.com
This eBook focuses on the distinctive characteristics of repetitive projects and the need for software that is specifically designed to handle them well.

Process-driven project management combines the core elements of process and project management. The same data is shared, but the primary interface is different.

Why do this?

Because a project is a unique endeavor, whereas a repetitive project is really a series of processes with a pre-defined schedule. Repetitive projects can take advantage of process management functionality, like complex dependencies, visualization tools, rules, forms, and database integration.

This added power will accelerate time to value, reduce costs, and increase flexibility. If your organization runs process-driven projects, and you are managing them as projects, you are severely limiting your organizations capabilities.

A tool that is capable of providing both project and process management will yield enormous dividends.