CHALLENGE: Spreadsheet Limitations

Move complex operational spreadsheets to Salesforce

The ease with which spreadsheets can be used to build simple applications is both a blessing and a curse. It allows you to build a quick and dirty solution to a situation, but it often then grows into something well beyond its original purpose. Since it usually does so over time, the users of the system take it for granted, its limitations are endured, and it is rarely migrated to a more suitable environment.

Work-Relay provides all the functionality needed to replace spreadsheet applications in a single, comprehensive framework.

It provides the ability to overlay an explicit workflow over the implied workflow in the spreadsheet, design forms for data entry, and build dashboards and reports.

A Work-Relay solution gives users the same simplicity that a spreadsheet affords, as well as the flexibility to easily modify workflows, forms, and data structures – without knowing anything about Salesforce.


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