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Work-Relay is the BPM solution for Salesforce. It enables organizations to address operational process challenges by extending the functionality of Salesforce to stream complex operational processes and use cases that would normally require significant coding.

Work-Relay provides an environment in which organizations can easily digitize, execute, and manage work AND understand the resources required to do it, and the time to complete it.

By operationalizing customer data in Salesforce, Work-Relay extends the power of Salesforce beyond CRM into business operations and Business Process Management (BPM), thereby maximizing your clients’ investment in Salesforce and improving the processes that impact their customers such as onboardingdeploymentsinstallations, custom kitting, and other order fulfillment operations.

Your customers will be in great company!

Why Partner With Work-Relay?

Give your clients a best-in-class business process management solution

Work-Relay is a proven, comprehensive, enterprise-grade, Business Process Management System (BPMS) for Salesforce and the only unified, out-the-box system on Salesforce to systemize work and dynamically manage and optimize complex business operations and process-driven operational projects.

Generate License Based Recurring Revenues

Resell Work-Relay to your customers or simply refer them to us – we’ll pay you a substantial percentage of licensing subscriptions. Contact us to learn more.

Increase the Value of Your Company

The fastest and most effective way to increase your company’s valuation is to have Recurring Revenue. Not only does recurring revenue guarantee you a predictable, consistent, ongoing revenue stream, it also increases how investors and acquirers value your company.

Help Salesforce Expand Into BPM

Salesforce clients are humming along with CRM, Marketing Automation, Tableau and Mulesoft. But the core business operations that run a company are an untapped opportunity for your existing and future customers to dramatically improve how they serve their own end customers.

Differentiate From Other Salesforce Partners

Operations Managers are underserved because there is no solution that helps them fix their inflexible, inefficient, haphazardly stitched together processes. Work-Relay is the solution that allows them to take control of their operations and streamline complex processes. 

A Solution, Not a Set of Tools

Work-Relay is an out-the-box, ready-to-go BPMS for Salesforce – no need for Salesforce expertise and no need to learn new complex tools to build solutions. Everything from operations design to management dashboards is available in a single place.


Make it Possible for Your Customers to Maximize Their Salesforce Investment

Companies using Salesforce are hungry to maximize their investment in the Salesforce Platform, and this is an excellent way to do it by addressing a major problem they likely all have.

Want to see if Work-Relay is right for you and your clients?

Our partner team is ready to talk you through the simple process to get started. We look forward to creating a lasting partnership with your company and creating lasting business growth, side-by-side.


Types of Partners

Referral Partner

Extend the value you bring to your clients with an introduction to a trusted partner.

Referral Partners that send new business to Work-Relay receive awesome commissions. All you have to do is register the lead in our database, and if the lead closes, you get paid.

Reseller Partner

Sell a high-quality product that your clients can trust and continues to drive market innovation.

Resellers enjoy substantial commissions on sales of Work-Relay. You also have the opportunity to earn service revenue for implementing Work-Relay as well as integrating Work-Relay with enterprise systems and other technology like RPA.

Implementation Partner

Implement Work-Relay for your own clients, or do it for clients referred to you by Work-Relay.

Implementation Partners also have the opportunity to integrate Work-Relay with enterprise systems and other technology like RPA.

OEM Partner

Bring new value to your product that guarantees to deliver results for your clients.

Differentiate your product and extend your capabilities into new areas of an organization. Work with us to invent and innovate and create solutions together.

Featured Partners

System Integrators and Consultants

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