Work -Relay provides a comprehensive, unified framework for quickly building comprehensive work management solutions on the Salesforce platform.

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Everything you need to build powerful operational work management applications in one place.

We have distilled hundreds of thousands of hours of custom Salesforce development expertise into an all-in-one framework for building and managing work management applications. This significantly increases the speed of solution building and ensures that applications are always well-designed, flexible, and easy to maintain.

A Common Operational Workspace

It is exceedingly difficult to manage the movement of work when it is buried in the bowels of enterprise systems.

To solve this problem, Work-Relay provides a common operational workspace for everyone in the organization.

The underlying systems provide services and data to users when they need them. But they do it through the platform, making it much simpler for users to manage. This allows everyone to interact without regard to the underlying systems.

A Flexible Framework

  • Provides a consistent way to frame work, regardless of the type of work being done.
  • Covers the full spectrum of work, from structured and automated to unstructured and ad hoc.
  • Ensures that solutions are standardized and consistent.
  • Prevents users from serious design problems, and ensures that all processes are flexible, and easy to maintain.
  • Lowers the learning curve significantly through a high level of abstraction, making it much easier for non-technical users to help build and maintain solutions.

An All-in-One Toolkit

The Work-Relay Toolkit is tightly integrated into the Framework, making it easy to configure and re-configure the solutions needed. It includes:

  • Tasks management
  • Workflow design
  • Scheduling
  • Checklists
  • Compliance
  • Audit Trail
  • Resource allocation
  • Progress scorecards
  • Planning dashboards
  • Executive dashboards
  • Collaboration
  • Gantt
  • Kanban Boards
  • Forms
  • Approvals
  • Rules
  • Skills database
  • Analytics

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