Save time and money, and ensure better outcomes by simplifying and accelerating the building of work management solutions.
Standard User
per user/month*
billed annually
A comprehensive business operations management system that simplifies work management. Includes integrated project management functionality including Gantt and Advanced Scheduling.
Admin User
per user/month*
billed annually
All the functionality of a standar user plus the ability to utilize Process, Form and Action Designers to build and deploy business processes, set up basic Work-Relay configuration options and  deploy processes and forms across environments
Day Pass

per user/day*

billed monthly

Includes up to seven logins/month

Day pass users who exceed seven logins per month are automatically converted to standard users.
*Work-Relay pricing assumes users already have a current Salesforce license.

Work-Relay Pricing Add-Ons

$10 First add-on user/month

$5 Second add-on user/month

$3 Each additional add-on user/month

Add-ons extend standard functionality with integrated Resource Manager, Advanced Visualization Designer, Early Warning System, and unlimited configurability.

  • Minimum 20 license commitment
  • Work-Relay pricing assumes users already have a current Salesforce license.
  • Community licensing available.
  • Non-profit discounts.
  • Volume discounts.

Contact us if you have special licensing requirements.

Work-Relay Features


Link process to any Salesforce record

Simple drag & drop process designer

Execute database actions

Automated process creation from cvs

Conditional and contingent branching

Unlimited multi-level processes

Multi-level visualization and navigation

Process versioning

Dynamic end-to-end process creation

Business rules

Full audit trail of all work done

Smart Steps for worker augmentation




Includes all Process functionality, plus:

Process/Project shared database

Opportunity to Project automation

Kanban-based Portfolio management

Timelines / Schedules

Gantt charts

Unlimited scheduling algorithms

Hard dates/Soft dates

Kanban boards

Critical Path

Planned/Actual/Remaining duration

Time Tracking integrated in Kanban cards

Cross/Multi Project

Cross project Gantt view

Cross project List view

Cross Project health summary

Project interdependencies based on task status

Project interdependencies based on dates

Project to Project roll-ups

Resource Management

Skills/Attributes database

Resource availability

Resource pools

Automatic resource assignment

Skills-based resourcing

Pick Up / Queue Assignment

Assign steps/tasks to me or Assign to someone else

Capacity forecasting by Resource/Resource Pool


Collaboration in context from cards in Kanban

Use Chatter, Slack, or MS Teams

Real Time Reporting

Report on all process/project data

Pre-built dashboards for every role

Process Scorecard for ambient status checking

Analytics on all aspects of time spent on steps and between steps

Cross-project Planning dashboard


Simple drag & drop designer

Multiple data sources

Conditional logic

Conditional styling


Nested forms

Multi-page forms

Custom buttons

Related lists

Inline list editing

Process actions from forms

Virtual fields

Process execution

Rule-based form transitions

Kanban Boards (add-on)

Columns based on any Salesforce data object

Columns based on filtered data sources

Unlimited columns

Unlimited card customization

Composite boards


Card movement rules

Dynamic fields on cards

Forms assigned to cards

Column calculations based on card fields

Advanced Project Management

Buffer management

Schedule Risk Indicator (Early Warning)

Fever charts

Automated status collection

Solution Building Options
We Build It
This is the fastest, lowest risk way to get solutions built on Salesforce for organizations that don’t have the resources or budget to build solutions themselves.

We or your Salesforce Partner use the Work-Relay framework to quickly build solutions based on your specifications, and provide all the support you need moving forward.

With Work-Relay, expect to pay at least 70% less for a custom application when compared to working with Salesforce developers, and automatically get visualization dashboards and simple tools to maintain business rules, forms, etc.

You Build It Yourself
This option is for organizations that have the resources available to learn to use the platform to build any number of solutions at minimal cost.

We teach your resources (typically a business analyst) to use the Work-Relay framework to build your own solutions. We provide full support for you every step of the way.

This eliminates the cost of hiring expensive Salesforce consultants and developers, and the Work-Relay framework ensures the solutions built are well-designed, flexible, and easy to maintain.

We Build It With You
This is the perfect option for companies that want a quick start but want to use their own resources to build any number of solutions later.

We or your Salesforce Partner use the Work-Relay framework to seed solutions, teach you how to evolve them yourself, and have us provide guidance and support to ensure the most optimum result.

When we build together, expect to pay at least 40% less for the initial custom Salesforce application when compared to working with Salesforce developers.

After your first build, your cost for subsequent applications will continue to drop as you build internal capabilities.

Start streamlining your business operations today.

Connect with Work-Relay to see what a powerful Salesforce business operations platform can do for your organization.