USE CASE: Internal Operations


Objective: Manage Onboarding process for new franchisees for a new mortgage product based on a strict timeline counting backward from Go Live date.


Over 100 steps are involved in a successful onboarding, and they follow a very structured timeline.

Tracking those dates using native Salesforce tasks is very difficult due to multiple dependencies. Also needed a way for franchisees to see all upcoming tasks and their specific due dates.

Solution & Results

Work-Relay process was designed to track and schedule all the tasks so they only appear in the franchisees task list when required, along with their due dates.

Forms capture required information at each step of the onboarding. Franchisees use a Salesforce community to enter their data and view upcoming tasks, and RE/MAX personnel can manage the processes and escalate if steps aren’t completed in a timely manner.

Eliminate errors.

Perform plausibility checks when entering data so that errors and queries can be avoided from the beginning.


Save time.

Eliminate status meetings and calls by providing real-time process/project status. Reduce lag time through automated notifications, reminders, and escalations rules, reminders, and checklists.

Reduce miscommunication.

Keep track of accurate information, make it always available, and make changes immediately visible.

Increase efficiency.

This includes providing intelligent processes that guide users through required activities, delivering just-in-time knowledge to ensure the most optimum outcome, updating knowledge in the course of doing work, and capturing feedback where it happens.

Optimize operations.

Easily configure real-time reporting on key operational risk metrics, including timeliness, volumes and trending. Ensure thresholds like Service Level Agreements are monitored and reported on.


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Work-Relay Solutions

Streamline Business Operations

Manage business operations with agility.

Overcome Spreadsheet Limitations

Move complex operational spreadsheets to Salesforce.

Migrate Legacy BPM

Migrate legacy BPM systems to Salesforce.

Control Citizen Development

Decrease the learning curve and increase governance.

Maintain Process Discipline

Bring business process discipline to project management.

Manage Complex Processes

Enhance your ability to manage operational complexity.

Unify Work Management

Replace company work management systems.