Work-Relay provides a way to address the types of challenges that hold back digital transformation.



Business Operations

Manage business operations with agility

Work-Relay provides an enterprise standard for operational work to rapidly meet the complex, customized demands of the digital economy.

Work-Relay empowers organizations to systematize and scale complex operations, bring process management discipline to repetitive projects, and rapidly build end-to-end solutions using a single agile business operations management platform – without code, and without Salesforce expertise.

Work-Relay facilitates business operations that rapidly adapt and respond to constant internal and external changes without losing momentum or vision, and continually improve and optimize existing processes.

Spreadsheet Limitations

Move complex operational spreadsheets to Salesforce

The ease with which spreadsheets can be used to build simple applications is both a blessing and a curse. It allows you to build a quick and dirty solution to a situation, but it often then grows into something well beyond its original purpose. Since it usually does so over time, the users of the system take it for granted, its limitations are endured, and it is rarely migrated to a more suitable environment.

Work-Relay provides all the functionality needed to replace spreadsheet applications in a single, comprehensive framework.

It provides the ability to overlay an explicit workflow over the implied workflow in the spreadsheet, design forms for data entry, and build dashboards and reports.

A Work-Relay solution gives users the same simplicity that a spreadsheet affords, as well as the flexibility to easily modify workflows, forms, and data structures – without knowing anything about Salesforce.

Legacy BPM

Migrate legacy BPM systems to Salesforce

Legacy BPM systems like IBM BPM and IBM Lombardi, Lotus Notes, Pega Systems, Appian and PMG typically have highly complex processes that have become slow, difficult to use, and inflexible.

Work-Relay has the proven ability to migrate legacy business processes to a modern, elegant, business-friendly environment. The Work-Relay framework not only accommodates the functionality provided by these legacy systems but also gives users a guided approach to structuring work.

Work-Relay is also a fast and effective way for companies to migrate from other work management applications like Workfront, Wrike, and Smartsheet to Salesforce.

Uncontrolled Citizen Development

Decrease the learning curve and increase governance

Empowering and managing citizen developers effectively on the Salesforce platform is hampered by the learning curve, the lack of standardization, poorly designed and hard to maintain solutions, and applications disconnected from one another.

The Work-Relay framework significantly simplifies the building of citizen developer solutions by eliminating the need for Salesforce expertise and guiding users to ensure that every solution is well-designed, flexible, easy to maintain – and capable of easily connecting with other solutions to build end-to-end work management applications.

Repetitive Project Management

Bring business process discipline to project management

Templates are the outdated solution that project management systems recommend for repetitive projects. But templates are static and monolithic, and become bloated, inconsistent, and error-prone. Once copied, any changes to the template are not reflected in the project plan.

Work-Relay replaces templates with a modular architecture capable of dynamic reorganization on the fly. This allows self-contained, independently maintained, reusable processes that can be mixed and matched as needed, and at any time.

Complex Process Management

Enhance your ability to manage operational complexity

Work-Relay has the proven ability to handle complex processes with thousands of users in multiple Fortune 50 companies without code.

There is much more to managing complex processes than simply workflow automation. There are, for example, different process topologies to consider, the ability to create end-to-end processes on-the-fly and the ability to handle many-to-many process interdependencies.

An example of the power of Work-Relay to handle the most complex production processes globally is our implementation at Mars Corp.

Unified Work Management

Replace company work management systems with Work-Relay

Move process, project, case, and task management systems to Work-Relay to unify disconnected work.

Start streamlining your business operations today.

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