Telecom companies are faced with the challenge to become more customer focused

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How Work-Relay helps

Increase visibility.

Bring together people from different teams and functions along with process data from different sources so everyone has a single, central, real-time view of process/project health.

Enforce policies and procedures.

Enforce due diligence best practices, regulatory requirements, and internal policies across geographies and lines of business.

Free-up time.

By eliminating unnecessary time-wasters like status meetings, follow up calls, back-and-forth emails, etc., workers are freed up to do productive activities, add value and interact more with their coworkers and customers.

Customized solutions.

Build solutions tailored to the exact needs of the organization, thereby improving customer loyalty by making the client feel you care specifically about their unique needs

Work-Relay provides a unified, consistent solution that simplifies your environment and bridges people and systems.

  • Unified monitoring, measurement, control, and reporting increases visibility.

  • Unified resource management simplifies planning.

  • Unified communication and collaboration medium reduces miscommunication.

  • Unified framework provides consistency.

  • Unified database and content repository eliminate duplicate information.

  • Unified administration reduces duplicated administration, licensing, and training costs.

Case Study



Increase the efficiency of VOIP implementations


VOIP implementations require complex, iterative processes with the ability to track data in multiple database tables (objects). Multiple vendors are required to interact in the process.


The ability to handle data-driven processes and projects in Work-Relay allow interaction with multiple objects in Salesforce, and the Community capabilities allow partners and customers to interact and update data via interaction with Work-Relay Forms.

Case Study

New site proposal and approval

Company provides outsourced antenna sites to the wireless communications and broadcast industries in the United States. Its business includes the ownership, licensing, and leasing of antenna sites on towers.


Automate manual processes, reduce processing time, and improve efficiency


  • Documentation and corresponding signatures are now captured electronically and automatically routed to appropriate parties in the chain of approval.
  • Centralized process library where modifications can easily be made and tested.


  • Large volume of paper. A tremendous amount of paperwork needed to be completed manually to manage, maintain, and track the company’s vast network of towers and antennae.
  • Manual routing. The documentation, originating from many different sources, was then routed to appropriate parties for review and approval. This manual routing was accomplished through paper-based means such as mail and fax.
  • Long approval processing time. Since original signatures were required on all documentation and the routing was done via mail or fax, the processing was taking 60 days to complete.
  • Lack of efficiency. In a dynamic industry such as telecommunications, speed and responsiveness are key. This antiquated process was not in line with the company’s strategic goals

Client Review

We use Work-Relay to track progress on all our projects

“We use Work-Relay to track progress on all our projects and use it as the internal platform for our entire company. Since we are working on projects where the team is set up by people in different time-zones, having meetings is difficult. This app makes it possible for us to drive a project or process without too many meetings. The tool is very easy to use and powerful. Comparing it with the built in flow, process builder and other features of native Salesforce, it is significantly easier to use.”

Other uses

  • Customer service processes

  • Order management

  • Internal policy reviews

  • Purchase Order requests

  • Legal compliance

  • Structural approval process

  • New product development

  • Subscription approvals and Cancellations

  • Customer onboarding