Uniti Fiber

Objective: Manage installation of multiple fiber products sold to a customer and calculate the critical dates based on dependencies between orders, work orders, permits and locations. If a location is under construction, date dependencies will include construction milestones.


Each project is composed of multiple fiber orders, equipment locations, central offices, permits, etc and understanding the impact of delays in one component on the overall project completion date is near impossible using out-of-the-box tools in Salesforce.

Understanding these dependencies is critical for successful project completion.

Fiber Optic Installation Project Management

Solution & Results

Order processes were designed in Work-Relay for each product type. Dependencies on other processes and objects (ie, construction related milestones) are built into key steps to wait for those to complete before being able to move forward with the Order process. In addition to the process designs, a Project “control panel” was set up using Work-Relay forms which rolls up dates from each of the component processes and objects (orders, locations, permits, etc) and shows how timing delays in any of the component parts will affect the overall timeline of the project.


Increase visibility.

Clear visibility of timing impacts between related processes.

Catch conflicts.

Catching timing conflicts makes course correction easier and allows earlier delay notifications.

Increased performance.

Increased on-time project delivery significantly.

Clear views.

End-to-end project visibility using Progress Scorecard and Gantt views.


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