Using a business operations system to quickly pay down operational and technical debt

Improve how work flows across the organization. Streamline and accelerate the digitization of business operations with Salesforce.com

Reduce operational debt with streamlined business operations

During the early months of COVID response, many employers quickly responded with work-from-home processes and systems that were hurriedly pieced together. Now is the time to properly automate those activities, streamline various processes, and improve how work flows across the organization.  


In fact, business process owners are the key to eliminating all forms of technical, operational, and organizational debt. The people who do the work or own the process need the power to build processes that will make their jobs easier and solve problems ignored by developers. 

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Work-Relay seamlessly overlays your Salesforce implementation, simplifying the design, management, and optimization of complex operational work to maximize worker productivity, increase company-wide visibility and enable business agility. Work-Relay is the only system for digitizing, managing and optimizing highly customizable process-driven projects and decision-intensive processes in one unified application. Work-Relay clients include large enterprises like The Home Depot, Mars Corporation, and Proctor & Gamble, as well as small and mid-size companies across 12 industries. Typical use cases include order fulfillment, installing fiber optics, managing clinical trials, coordinating custom manufacturing, and managing product design.