When you hit a wall with Salesforce process management

The Salesforce platform offers 4 different workflow tools, all of which are focused on process automation. Instead of doing repetitive work manually, you can configure processes to do it automatically. For example, assign tasks, send emails and update records based on conditions.

Work-Relay goes beyond Salesforce process management in key ways:

1.   Spectrum

Salesforce addresses only a small segment of the business process spectrum.Work-Relay addresses the full spectrum of business processes.

2.   Complexity

With Salesforce, processes are typically self-contained and execute in a linear manner.Work-Relay supports any level of process complexity and unpredictability.

3.   Flexibility

With Salesforce, processes are stable, repeatable, and fully automatable.Work-Relay provides complete flexibility by providing the ability to easily change processes in-flight.

4.   Monitoring

Salesforce does not provide real-time dashboards to track the progress of processes.Work-Relay provides a set of powerful dashboards that provide complete visibility.

5.   Continuous improvement

Salesforce does not provide the tools needed to analyze the history of process execution to identify bottlenecks and other means of process improvement.Work-Relay provides the capability to analyze results and suggest improvements.

6.   Advanced functionality

Salesforce does not include the type of functionality provided by more sophisticated BPM tools.Work-Relay provides a broad array of functionality, in addition to process-driven project management, and resource management.