Why Work-Relay?

Work-Relay is a proven solution for complex ecosystems of imperfect, inefficient, and haphazardly stitched together processes, people, and systems.

Enterprise-Grade Automation Solution

Work-Relay provides a comprehensive, enterprise-grade automation platform and the only unified, out-of-the-box system to dynamically manage and optimize complex business and Salesforce operations.

Simple and Powerful

Work-Relay is simple enough to be accessible to non-technical users with no Salesforce knowledge, and powerful enough to meet the demands of the most complex requirements without coding.

Manage Complex Work. Simply.


with Intelligence

One place to see who is doing what when across operations.

Real-time progress monitoring.

Role-based visualization.

Robust analytics.


with Structure

Modular, service-based architecture.

Independent self-contained units of work and packaged business capabilities.

Simplified variations, maintenance, and versioning.


with Consolidation

A single way to frame any kind of work, provides standardization and consistency, etc.

Worker augmentation through Smart Steps.

A single user interface for workers to receive, prioritize, and execute work.


with Power

Shielded from Salesforce operational complexity.

One place for designing, composing, and orchestrating work.

One place to manage transition of work across the enterprise.

See everything across the organization in one place

  • A common workspace provides holistic visibility over who is doing what when.
  • Accountability is provided through a detailed audit trail.
  • End-to-end dependencies are clearly visualized, and ensure that there are no missing steps that cause errors, rework, and wasted time.
  • A single operational system of record provides the basis for common metrics and dashboards, and enables optimization and the elimination of bottlenecks.
  • A Progress Dashboard shows every live process instance and their real-time step statuses in a visual, at a glance view.
  • A Planning Dashboard provides a cross-process and project planning view.

No boundaries to getting work done

  • The speed at which work moves across the organization is accelerated by getting the right work in the right sequence to the right resources at the right time.
  • Status meetings and calls are eliminated by providing real-time process/project status.
  • Worker productivity is enhanced by using Smart Steps that augment the “smarts” of people responsible for a step in a process
  • Lag time is reduced through automated notifications, reminders, and escalations rules, reminders, and checklists.
  • Continuity is ensured by stopping things from falling through the cracks with automated reminders and escalations.

Empower everyone. Adapt to anything. Start anywhere. Connect anytime.

  • Self-contained, independently maintainable work services can be organized and re-used as needed, thereby improving responsiveness to business needs.
  • End-to-end processes are composed by arranging and rearranging work services like Lego blocks at both design and execution time.
  • Changes to processes in-flight eliminates the need to have to resort to email and spreadsheets to handle exceptions.
  • Variations for different customers, products, geographical regions, etc. can be built to ensure optimum outcomes.
  • Mass customization is facilitated by offering options that can automatically be translated into end-to-end processes and project plans.

One place for composing and orchestrating work.

  • A single User Console. Everything a user needs to know what tasks to do and what their priorities are.
  • A single Design Console. A consistent, standardized way to frame any kind of work, thereby lowering the learning curve, providing common metrics, and ensuring that solutions are consistent, well-designed, and easy to maintain.
  • A single Operational System of Record. A complete record of everything related to work management, including projected work, facilitates monitoring and planning.
  • A single Management Console. Based on the System of Record and tailored to each management role.
  • A resource database with skills, attributes, and availability, simplifies and automates planning, scheduling and resource optimization.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to ensure efficient and simple operations

What the Analysts are Saying

Work-Relay combines features and capabilities that are naturally associated with business process management platforms, with features and capabilities normally found in project management tools, in one unified toolset.

The product’s support for process and project management concepts – as two related but differing perspectives on one underlying model of work coordination – creates an environment in which organisations struggling to systematise repeating work can not only model the structure of the work, but also the resources required to complete the work, and the timescales required to complete it in.

Work-Relay is a great example of a new breed of business process management software that can handle a great variety of processes, makes BPM more accessible to business users, and also extends functionality well beyond the bounds of traditional BPM solutions.

The secret sauce in Work-Relay is its ability to handle many styles of processes and projects through dynamic process execution managed by rules or constraints.

Additionally the many unique visualizations can helpprocess managers plus process participants watch and adjust processes or projects dynamically.

Neil Ward Dutton, now VP at IDC.

Jim Sinur, Aragon Research VP, formerly 25 years at Gartner

What Our Customers are Saying

Highly Recommend Work-Relay

Work-Relay delivers a very effective Project Management application to facilitate workflows between functional teams. The system is intuitive and easy to follow, with display options in Gantt and flowchart diagrams, which also help facilitate training and onboarding of new business processes. The Work-Relay team is very responsive to all customer requests, supported by a team of skilled business and technical professionals, and providing effective solutions and answers when we need their help.

Carrie French
Uniti Fiber

Amazing Flexible Product 

Work Relay allowed for hyper customization of processes, provides excellent visual overviews of what’s done, not done, or might be stuck on a single opportunity level and a portfolio level. No other software provided the level of flexibility that we needed to build a useful project management tool.

Rebecca Disbrow
Greenworks Lending

Highly Adaptable Workflow Management

We launched Work-Relay simultaneously with our Salesforce implementation 10 months ago and haven’t looked back. There’s been numerous benefits of using this tool for the fulfilment of our digital marketing products & services including:

• supports both simple and complex processes and orchestrations

• ability to incorporate a multitude of features within process steps including actions, rules, checklists, forms, durations and more

• has an easy to learn wysiwyg design console.

Natalie Keane

Fantastic Product, Fabulous Support, Easy to Learn

We are a Salesforce partner and have been using the Work-Relay tool with our clients to design and implement anything from a super simple one-step process to extremely complex business processes. The tool itself is very easy to get to understand and with each process you build, you will learn about every new nuance that you can implement. The process design assists us with being able to automate a large chunk of our clients Salesforce operations and business processes, including the ability to avoid the need of users having to enter data, thus avoiding any data input issues.


Taryn Murray

What Our Customers are Saying

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