Work-Relay provides an innovative and powerful new way to master the increasingly complex and disconnected business landscape.

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Stop doing today’s job with yesterday’s tools and yesterday’s concepts.

Work-Relay dispenses with the old concepts that are no longer effective in today’s increasingly fast-moving marketplace by focusing on accelerating time to value.

Leverage Salesforce without the cost
Work-Relay allows you to make the most of your Salesforce investment without having to spend money on developers or Salesforce experts.

Work-Relay, business analysts with very little knowledge of Salesforce and no knowledge of coding build solutions much faster with lower risk using the Work-Relay framework

Master Salesforce complexity
Work-Relay distills, centralizes, and simplifies Salesforce functionality into a single, unified framework for building work management solutions that shield users from the ever-growing underlying complexity of the Salesforce platform.

Work-Relay guarantees well-architected solutions.
Work-Relay is not simply a collection of tools. It provides a framework (a way to frame work) that ensures that solutions are standardized and consistent, and prevents users from serious design errors. This significantly cuts the cost of development and maintenance in a volatile business environment.

Work-Relay gives you freedom within structure.
Build sophisticated solutions that can adapt quickly as business opportunities, requirements and technology evolve. Recognizing that change is constant in a dynamic, volatile business environment, the Work-Relay service-oriented framework provides maximum flexibility, agility, and adaptability.

Just-in-time process assembly provides the ability to construct any process with just the right level and mix of automation and structure.

Drive improved productivity, operational consistency, and business growth.

Don’t settle for less than a unified solution.
Work-Relay provides a seamless working environment, right out of the box. A unified architecture means you don’t need to spend time wiring disconnected pieces together.

​You will also save time and money by putting all the tools your team needs to manage all types of work under one roof, providing ultimate control and visibility over teams, processes, and projects.

Improve your overall business performance.
Ultimately, using a strong work management system will lead to more reliable, faster production and more efficient internal processes.

By using tools that make it easier to track, manage, and organize work, you’ll not only discover inefficiencies within your current operations and workflow systems but also reduce the time previously spent manually tracking and updating progress.