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BPM for Salesforce: Eliminate the SOBs that Frustrate Your Organization

Topic: Leading BPM Analyst and Work-Relay’s CEO discuss how to remove the SOBs (Surprises, Obstacles, and Barriers) that create points of failure and impede your business operations.


Sandy Kemsley

Industry Analyst and Technical Strategy Consultant

Sandy Kemsley is an industry analyst and technical strategy consultant specializing in digital process automation. With many years of hands-on systems implementation experience, she works with large organizations on their digital transformation strategy and implementation projects, and creates thought-leadership content for software vendors to educate their customers on the technology landscape and how it applies to business use cases.

She writes a popular process management blog at column2.com, is a featured conference and webinar speaker on process automation and digital transformation, and is a contributing author to books on social BPM and adaptive case management. She is the winner of the 2016 Marvin L. Manheim award for significant contributions in the field of workflow, and recipient of the 2019 Workflow Management Coalition’s award for Outstanding Business Transformation Consultant.

Kramer Reeves

Chief Executive Officer, Work-Relay

20 years running enterprise software organizations; 16 years IBM; 12 years executive roles; 10 acquisitions; BPM, Automation and AI expert.

Before joining Work-Relay, Reeves was CMO, Director, and Global Head of Marketing for IBM Automation. At IBM, Reeves was responsible for building brand and executing an end-to-end marketing strategy for the $2.5 billion IBM automation mission, including oversight of go-to-market strategy, product marketing, analyst-, influencer- and media-relations, campaign strategy, content marketing, digital, social, events, partner marketing, and more.

50% of all operational projects fail according to the Project Management Institute. Why? Modern-day business operations are complex, time-sensitive and dynamic and can plague even the best organization.

Join two highly-regarded industry experts, thought-leader Sandy Kemsley and Work-Relay’s CEO Kramer Reeves, as they share insight into what caused points of failure across the world’s biggest brands and how the best companies are thriving in the face of modern complexity.

The lively conversation will explore what has changed over the past 10 years and why Business Process Management (BPM) is the tool for business operations managers. This webinar is especially valuable for Salesforce customers who want to manage mission-critical business operations in concert with the marketing, selling and servicing processes being run on Salesforce.


Eliminate the SOBs

Work-Relay eliminates the Surprises, Obstacles, and Barriers that slow work down.


Simplify the Complex

Bring visibility, agility, productivity, and simplicity to the management of complex business operations.


BPM for Salesforce

We bring enterprise-grade BPM to Salesforce Clouds. Systemize and scale complex business operations.

Work-Relay Solutions

Everything you need to dramatically improve the management of your  complex business operations in Salesforce.

Streamline Business Operations

Manage business operations with agility.

Overcome Spreadsheet Limitations

Move complex operational spreadsheets to Salesforce.

Migrate Legacy BPM

Migrate legacy BPM systems to Salesforce.

Control Citizen Development

Decrease the learning curve and increase governance.

Maintain Process Discipline

Bring business process discipline to project management.

Manage Complex Processes

Enhance your ability to manage operational complexity.

Unify Work Management

Replace company work management systems.

BPM for Salesforce: Eliminate the SOBs that Frustrate Your Organization

Leading BPM Analyst and Work-Relay CEO discuss how to remove the Surprises, Obstacles and Barriers, the SOBs that create points of failure and impede your business operations.