Everyday Business Operations Management Reimagined

Work-Relay provides a solution for organizations to systematize repeating work by modelling the structure of the work, as well as the resources required to complete the work, and the timeframes required in which to complete the work.

A Business Operations Platform that sits above
people, systems, and data.

Work-Relay embodies design simplicity.
Everything it needs to be and nothing more.

Four Components provide everything you need to build business operations solutions of any level of complexity and scale.

Solution Studio

  • A single, consistent way to frame work, regardless of the type of work being done.
  • Covers the full spectrum of work, from structured and automated to unstructured and ad hoc.
  • Ensures that solutions are consistent, flexible, and easy to maintain.
  • Requires only minimal Salesforce knowledge.

User Console

One place for users to:

  • Receive
  • Manage
  • Prioritize
  • Execute

all their tasks, from any source

Mission Control

  • Holistic view of work being done across operations in one place
  • Pre-built, real-time dashboards for each management role
  • Analytics extracted from the Operational System of Record

Operational System of Record

  • One set of data is used to track all work being done in business operations
  • Full auditability, transparency, and accountability
  • Standardizes and simplifies common metrics gathering and presentation
  • The basis for real-time visibility into business operations