Everyday Business Operations Management Reimagined

Work-Relay’s features form a comprehensive solution for organizations to automate and coordinate complex, repetitive work by modeling the structure of the work, as well as the resources and timeframes required to complete the work.

A Business Operations Solution that sits above
people, systems, and data.

Work-Relay embodies design simplicity.
Everything it needs to be and nothing more.

Work-Relay’s features provide everything you need to build business operations solutions of any level of complexity and scale.

Solution Studio

  • A single, consistent way to frame repetitive work, including process and operational projects. 
  • Covers the full spectrum of work, from structured and automated to unstructured and ad hoc.
  • Ensures that solutions are consistent, flexible, and easy to maintain.
  • Requires only minimal Salesforce knowledge to build even the most complex solutions.

User Console

One place for users to:

  • Receive
  • Manage
  • Prioritize
  • Execute

all their tasks, from any source

Mission Control

  • Holistic view of work being done across operations in one place
  • Pre-built, real-time dashboards for each management role
  • Analytics extracted from the Operational System of Record

Operational System of Record

  • One set of data is used to track all work being done in business operations
  • Full auditability, transparency, and accountability
  • Standardizes and simplifies common metrics gathering and presentation
  • The basis for real-time visibility into business operations

Maximize your Investment in Salesforce

Simplify the design, management, and optimization of complex operational work by maximizing
worker productivity, increasing company-wide visibility and enabling business agility – on Salesforce.

Leverage the power of Salesforce

Work-Relay is a comprehensive platform built on Salesforce
for designing, managing, and optimizing complex business

Gain a competitive advantage

Reduce risk, increase compliance, maximize productivity, facilitate efficiency, provide holistic visibiliity and gain a competitive advantage by reducing work cycles and overhead.