NEW 6.5 Version Release: Enhanced Performance & Benefits

Work-Relay, a Neostella product, releases version 6.5 of their business operations management software for enhanced performance and benefits



Milwaukee, WI — May 16, 2023Neostella announced the release of version 6.5 of Work-Relay, their next-generation business operations management software that provides out-of-the-box solutions for order-to-cash processes. Salesforce-native, Work-Relay unifies task, process, and project management in a single cloud-based solution. 

“We are excited to launch the latest update of Work-Relay and provide our customers with even more features to help them accelerate order-to-cash operations,” said Kramer Reeves, Executive Vice President of Work-Relay. “With Work-Relay 6.5, it’s easier than ever for workers to meet deadlines, increase revenues, and boost customer satisfaction for our client’s end customers.” 

In the journey to end-to-end automation, implementing a solution that streamlines order-to-cash is a crucial step. With the newest round of updates, Work-Relay adds additional capabilities that further empower organizations to manage complex processes and workflows from one application.  

Key enhancements in include: 

  • Simplified Form Management 
  • New, Dynamic Options for Setting Task Priority  
  • Enhanced Filtering for Precision Task Execution
  • Accelerated Performance for Dependent Picklists 
  • Flexible Licensing for Occasional and Community Users 
  • Alignment with Latest Salesforce Releases

Organizations across several different industries currently leverage the benefits of Work-Relay to optimize complex operations with great results. “Across the Communications Sector, digitization is paramount and within each company, the order-to-cash and fulfillment operations are some of the most complex to digitize,” said Jake Farrow, CEO of JTF Wireless, a Work-Relay client. “With our rapid growth, especially within the healthcare and pharma industries, we need end-to-end digitization, visibility and focus of all our tasks, sequenced and project-managed in an integrated fashion, all within Salesforce. It’s a big ask and Work-Relay was chosen specifically for this reason.”  

Work-Relay is holding a live demonstration of the new features via webinar on May 25, 2023. To register for the demonstration, sign up here.